I’m crescentia

Personal Life & Business Coach

Helping You Find & Create Your Success

Personal Life Coaching

I can help you get clarity on your career or personal goals and give you the confidence to succeed

Business Coaching

I work with you to make your business vision a reality and help you build your team to enable your business to grow

Goal Setting

The first step  in being successful is understanding  what success means to you. 

We work together so that you have a vision of the future that will make you happy and contented


Positive mind

nYour mindset is key to your success. 

We will remove the negativity, limiting beliefs and stress and replace them with confidence, positive thinking and empowerment



DISC Profiling

Self awareness unlocks your ability to make the correct choices for you and how you respond to others.

I provide DISC profiling in all my packages and as part of my corporate training packages 


Holistic Therapies

I am a qualified meditation leader and I have trained in EFT. 

Both these practices can help with stress relief and can be incorporated into coaching sessions



Coaching is for you if 

  • You want something to change in your life and need some direction and vision of your future
  • You are worrying and stressing about a problem and don't know which way to turn.
  • You feel that you are 'stuck' or working hard and not achieving a lot.  You want to understand your options to move on
  • You want to remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and you want to move forward feeling confident that you can create the success that you want 
  • You want accountability to make the changes you want in your life 

Coaching can give you . . 

  • A clear plan on how you want to proceed with a particular  problem at home or at work
  • An understanding of your strengths, values, what motivates and how you can use these to live a happier more contented life
  • Help you feel more confident in who you are and what you want to be doing
  • Your options  for a particular problem at home or at work
  • Resilience and a positive mental attitude to overcoming obstacles
  • Better understanding of others, leading to better and more fulfilling relationships


Where to start?

Coaching Packages

On-line training

New to personal development and want to explore a few topics then my on-line training is for you.  Choose a topic, sign up and complete the course in your own time.  

To get the most of it add an hour coaching session to reflect on what you have learnt and how you can put it inti practice


More Details

Look-out for my courses and workbooks coming soon on:

  • Values
  • Strengths
  • Own your future
  • Resilience
  • Confidence


90 minute Clarity Session

Need a deep dive to gain a better understanding of particular problem then this session is for you.

More Details

Clarity sessions are useful when you are struggling to make a decision or need some help understanding how you feel about a situation and what action to take.  

 A clarity session will help you cut through the overwhelm, understand your options and move you to take the correct action for YOU.


DISC Profiling

Do you want to understand what makes you tick ?
Do you want to communicate better with your team ?

The DiSC assessment measures your personality and behavioural style. You can use the results to help you learn more about your behavioural styles and preferences, how you tend to act when under pressure and how you relate to others

More Details

Use DISC profiling for yourself or for your team to improve collaboration and communication between the team members.

A DISC profile is based on a questionnaire consisting of between 24 to 28 questions.

The idea behind DISC personality styles is that we are just not just one type, but a mix of all four styles but most people have a natural style That said, most people have a preferred style.

The DISC package includes an assessment and an hours coaching to go through the results and how you can become aware of your behaviour when you interact with others.


3 or 6 Session Package

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Do you need to find a balance in your life? Do you want to work on a log term vision? .

Then a package is right for you and will help you gain direction and give you accountability to achieve the changes you want

More Details
Packages are sold in 3 or 6 sessions which can be taken weekly or fortnightly. You can cancel a package at any time and will be refunded for uncompleted sessions.


About Me

When I was young I was quiet.  I had little confidence and suffered with  body confidence issues.  But I DID want to go places: I wanted to travel, I wanted a career, I wanted excitement  I knew I wouldn’t achieve any of that by hiding myself in the corner so I worked to overcome the limiting beliefs that held me back. 

I can use this experience to understand and help you.  

My interest in personal development and alleviating stress has never stopped and I have trained in aromatherapy massage, EFT, meditation and to become an ICF accredited coach.  I can bring all these skills into my sessions with you.

 I HAVE now travelled the world and I have worked in management for large corporates. Now I want to help YOU achieve your dreams and ambitions by becoming a stronger and more confident you.

Take the first step to your brighter future and book a discovery call with me.


“I have liked the accountability of working with  Crescentia as it has made me do the things I said I was going to do but have never been so overwhelmed with action that I couldn’t fit it in my normal day to day life. Crescentia will ask ‘what are you going to do about that?’ and that gives an opportunity to figure something out to move forward.

She will not suggest, lead or recommend but gives you space to work it the solution yourself.

I would definitely recommend working Crescentia if you need some clarity, direction and accountability.”

Christine Carty

“Hope you are well, I just wanted to reach out and firstly say thank you for the time you have taken to coach me. I have been thinking over the past few days and feel that I have reached a point where I need to step away from the coaching sessions, I feel I have reached a point where I am the best version of me and to continue with the sessions I would just be creating scenarios that are not an issue for me which then wastes your time.”

Leah McKeague

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