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Your Story

You have a successful business,  You are expanding and taking on new clients and staff.

Your friends and family are supportive but you can feel them glaze over when you want to discuss new ideas or problems in  your business.

You need to move from being ‘in’ the business to ‘leading’ the business but to do this means you have to be confident that your managers and staff know their jobs.  More importantly they also need to feel confident to turn to you for guidance when they need advice and feel they have a listening ear.

You want your team to work well together, be enthusiastic about their work and loyal to your values and your business.  You believe that this will make them more productive and loyal.


How I can help

For Owners/Directors

Coming soon – Monthly Peer Advisory Board.  You no longer have to be alone in making your decisions.  Join like-minded entrepreneurs to find solutions to your problems, keep you motivated and on track 

Individual coaching sessions to take a deep dive into your vision, goals and personal development.  When you run a business your personal and business life impact each other and coaching can help be in control of the balls in the air, cut the overwhelm and focus on the right thing to do for you

For Your Managers

Help your managers transition for doing to managing.  My new Manager training course will give them the confidence and skills to communicate, collaborate and develop their teams using coaching techniques

For Your Team Members

My passion is working with young adults who are new to the marketplace. It is easy for us to forget what nervous and apprehensive people we were when we started working.  Success is not just knowing how to do your job but having the mindset to do it well, be pro-active in finding solutions to problems and having a positive attitude.  My on-line training courses and DISC profiling helps to build aware, confident and enterprising teams that are the backbone of your company

Your business is at the centre of my business

Success for your staff is success for you

Coaching Culture

The 'Do as I say' type of leadership is dying.  Millennials and Gen Z employees want to be consulted and included in the decision making.  A coaching culture encourages partnership and collaboration.

How can I help?

- Coach training for managers

- Team coaching

- Individual coaching




Workplace wellbeing

Stress affects an employees physical and mental wellbeing and is a major cause of long-term absence from work  



My Approach

 I’ve worked in a company where what I did mattered and was appreciated.  I’ve worked in large corporates where I felt no-one would notice if I didn’t turn up.  I stayed 19 years in the first and was looking for a new job within a year of starting at the later.  

My passion is to work with companies who know and appreciate that if their staff flourish then their company flourishes too.  Our work can take up more than 50% of our waking day and we probably see our colleagues more than our friends.  For me this should be a supportive and encouraging environment. 

I use a combination of coaching conversations and tools as well as on-line training and DISC profiling to encourage yours staff to be aware of how their actions impact on each other and enhance problem solving skills.  The result is  better communication, trust and co-operation,  so that people want to stay with you for 19 years not one.

If you believe your staff matter then let’s work together to help them be the best version of themselves.


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