Do you feel like you are running, making lots of effort, but still seem to be as far away from your goal as when you started ?

Do you beat yourself up because what you have tried has not been successful ?

I felt exactly like this in my coaching session today. The real reason was because I was uncomfortable with the next step I have to take to grow my business. Being visible on webinars, videos etc.

My vision, talking to large conferences

and then we talked about what I would be comfortable with doing – talking to small network events and groups. Then we talked about next steps and I have walked away with a plan that gets me closer to my big vision.

So if you have a big vision that seems super scary
💥Break down your vision into smaller steps to to get there
💥What small step that you feel comfortable with can you start in the next week ?
💥Appreciate everything that you do to get there. Every step is a step in the right direction. Practice makes perfect and you don’t practice unless you ‘DO’

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