Managing Stress

Take a breathe and restore calm in your life

Pause – Reset – Rejuvenate

Starting 22nd November 2021 7.00pm


The boundaries and mindset you need to help you handle stress better


Learn about the effects stress has on the body what you do to improve your reaction to stress


Appreciate and recognise your signals for stress and how you respond to stress


Experience relaxation techniques that you can practice to bring balance into your life

Have you ever wanted some tools that could help you manage your stress ?

During this 4 week workshop you will explore

Your boundaries and how they affect your abilty to handle stress

Your stress triggers and responses and how that affects your mind and body

Practices you can use to reduce your daily stress

How you sabotage your ability to handle stress and what you can do about it

A seven day plan to help you reduce and manage your stress for life

Weekly meditations/breathwork recordings that you can use everyday.

A one hour individual coaching session to start planning your stress reduced life

All this for only £125

Questions ?

Who is this workshop for ?

Anyone who wants to be able to handle stress better .

What do I need to wear ?

Come in comfortable clothes and be prepared to relax.

What do I need to bring ?

You will need a pen and paper as there will be some journalling questions for you to reflect on how stress affects you.  

What do I need to prepare ?

Every Monday starting on the 15th November you will receive a workbook to prepare for the following weeks session.  The workbook will contain information and short coaching questions.  You don’t need to complete the workbook but it would help if you gave it a read through

Where is the workshop ?

The workshop will be on-line using zoom.  You will be sent the zoom link as soon as you sign up for the workshop

How long is the workshop ?

There are 4 workshops 1hour 15 minutes long held over 4 consecutive weeks starting on 22nd November at 7.00pm.  The workshops will be video’d so that you can play them back in your own time.

Still Have Questions?