Crescentia Cook

30 day live challenge

Hints, tips and reflection on life 

So I  challenged myself to do 30 days of Facebook Lives.  Everyday I talk about a word that we use that has a huge meaning.  I follow this by a short meditation/breathwork/movement routine

Day 1

I talk about how we can hear the same thing and put a different spin on the meaning.

This is followed by a belly breathing exercise 

Day 2 

ACTION why sometimes we feel like we are in action but we are not achieving anything

Followed by breathwork exercise where we notice the space in between our breaths

Day 3

STRESS and why movement is important to remove stress from our bodiees

Followed by a swaying exercise which is wonderful to use with stressed children

Day 4 and oh dear technology failed me but I did show up for myself.
Today was about SELF-LOVE. I got cut off during the meditation but these were the affirmations I was going to use so if you have 5 minutes repeat them to yourself or reflect on one that resonates with you during the day.
I am confident in who I am
My needs and wants are important
I am free to create the life I desire
I am enough.


Day 5 
Today I am talking about AWARENESS  and how being aware of yourself helps you to create conscious choices.
I finish it with a relaxing routine on the accupressure points of your face that is great for headaches and will help take the stress out of your body too.

Day 6 o

I am talking about how we can achieve BALANCE.

I finish with a rotation of consciousness relaxation which I have taken from Yoga Nidra. Rotation of consciousness hels us become aware of our whole bodies and helps us to ground and relax.

Day 7 

I talk about CHANGE and how we transition from endings to new beginnings.

Today’s meditation is about change

Day 8 
Today I talk about how we have a CHOICE in everything we do.
This is followed by some box breathing to aid with stress and relaxation

Day 9

I talk about the body’s energy system. This is followed by an EFT tapping routine on stress.

Day 10

I’m talking about vulnerability.
I follow this with some affirmations.

Day 11

Today the topic is boundaries and why we should set them.
This is followed by a meditation using all our senses.

Day 12

Today I give you 4 tips on tackling your inner critic with a meditation on taming the critic when it appears.

Day 13 
My topic is our inner coach.
Today I take you though a loving kindness meditation.
Day 14 
Today’s word is obstacles. There will come a time that life will throw us a curved ball and the biggest obstacle we have around it is ourselves. If we really want something then we believe it is possible and think of creative solutions.

Day 15

Today I’m talking about the benefits of visualisation.

Day 16 
If you think you can’t focus because of distraction then you maybe wrong. Today I talk about another reason why we find it hard to focus.
Day 17 of 30 days of lives
Today I talk about why breathwork or mindful breathing is so beneficial for us to practice.
I take you through how to do a full body breathe using stomach, ribs and chest to breathe fully.

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