What is your procrastination style ? How do you avoid doing what you need to be doing ?

The Beach bum . mañana, mañana. I’m having a good time. I’ll get around to it

The Risk Assessor – Its impossible because we might come across these obstacles

The Housekeeper – the shelves look dusty. I need to get out the polish (even though they have been like that for the last 6 months)

The Wild Child – Speak to the hand I’m not interested. I am rebelling and not doing it.

The Analyser – I don’t have enough information and it feels like too much hard work to get all the information so I am doing nothing

The Avoider – That sounds difficult. Let’s just do something easier.

The Scroller – I’ll just see what is happening in the outside world. Two hours later. No time to do this now.

Do you fall into one of those categories or do you do something else ?

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